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Foundations for Hope

Using a peer-support model, our newest program, Foundations for Hope (F4H), works with incarcerated individuals who struggle with mental health or substance abuse. Peer support specialists are individuals with personal life experiences dealing with alcohol, substance abuse or mental health conditions who actively work on their recovery and have received specific certification training to provide guidance to others.

Currently, Josh’s Hope is working with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office to implement this program for inmates at the Orange County Detention Center. A Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPSS), delivers the program and we have plans to expand into neighboring counties in the coming year. Our long-term goal is to offer former inmates the opportunity to participate in our Tools for Hope woodworking training program or on-the-job training with our partners at Contractors911 upon their release, helping them to gain valuable job and life skills while effectively reducing their chances of recidivism.

The Josh's Hope and Orange County Sheriff's Office teams

The Josh’s Hope and Orange County Sheriff’s Office teams preparing for Foundations of Hope

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