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Hope Rocks

One of the best types of therapy anyone can engage in is art therapy, so at Josh’s Hope, we have created an opportunity for everyone in the community to participate and support good mental health. We have joined the rock painting craze! The rules are simple. Paint a rock with whatever type of art interests you – pictures, dots, geometric designs, decoupage, etc. – then on the bottom, be sure to paint the words HOPE ROCKS. If you have a can of clear sealant, gloss, matte or satin finish, spray your rock to preserve your design. When you’re done, hide it somewhere in relatively plain site so it will be found.

Before you hide your rock, be sure to take a photo of it and post it on Facebook at the Orange Rocks Facebook page. Be sure to leave a clue as to where you hid the rock! Also, email us a photo of your rock along with your clue and we’ll post it on the Josh’s Hope Facebook page with our thanks to you for playing along.

Be sure to ‘like’ the Josh’s Hope facebook page and check it regularly to get updates on our Hope Rocks activities. We will be hosting a community rock painting event in early summer and information will be posted on our Facebook page.

Thanks for joining the fun and remember…HOPE ROCKS!